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Manufacturer Dapol
Scale OO Gauge
DCC Ready 21-pin socket & Sound Fitted

Steam locomotive, London Brighton & South Coast Railway, 0-6-0T No 82, "Boxhill", designed by William Stroudley, built at Brighton in 1880, withdrawn in 1946.

Between 1872 and 1880 William Stroudley produced fifty small tank engines to work the suburban services in South and East London. Despite their small size they worked very hard and were soon nicknamed ‘Rooters’ or ‘Terriers’, the latter becoming almost an official reference in their later years.

Their low weight enabled them to work on some lightly constructed branch lines, and some lasted well into the days of British Railways. Boxhill was restored at Brighton Works in 1947 and is fitted with equipment for condensing the exhaust steam in the water contained in the side tanks.

Specification: The tooling allows for most variations of the A1, A1X and IOW variants of the locomotive to be produced, including two cab/bunker types, two smokebox/boilers. Wooden and metal brake rigging where appropriate.

Diecast chassis and running plate
Detailed plastic moulded body
Many separately fitted parts
Diecast wheels with sprung centre driving wheels to give compensation providing all wheel electrical pick up and better traction
DCC and sound Ready with easy access through a removable body which exposes a NEXT-18 socket
Powerful 5 pole skew wound motor
DCC Sound version available also

Available for pre-order due April 2020