The First and the Last Merry Go Round Set

The First and the Last Merry Go Round Set
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The First and the Last MGR Set

Locomotionmodels is delighted to announce that it is releasing models of the first and last Merry-Go-Round (MGR) coal wagons which are being produced for us by Cavalex Models.

Under the TOPS (Total Operations Processing System) coding system introduced in the 1970s these wagons were classified as HAA wagons and initially carried B numbers working between colliery and power station. These enabled automatic loading and unloading on a continuous cycle for which collieries and power stations were usually fitted with dumbbell loops to aid the process undertaken at crawling speed. These 32ton wagons could run at 45 mph loaded and 55 mph empty.

Two prototypes were built at Darlington Works in 1964. 160 production wagons were built Ashford Works (Southern Region) whilst the remaining 10,702 were all built at Shildon Works before its closure in 1984.

The Models

Locomotionmodels are producing the first prototype wagon No. 350000 which was built at nearby Darlington in 1964. It was preserved to become part of the National Collection in October 1995 and is currently on display inside Locomotion at Shildon. The second model is of the final production wagon No. 368459 built at Shildon 1984. It was purchased by The Friends of The National Railway Museum due to its links with Shildon Works and is currently stored at Shildon.

Please note the illustrations are of pre-production samples and not of the final models that will be delivered. Some parts are missing including the four cross braces on the original bodied version. Further images will be issued in due course.

The wagons will incorporate the following features:

Highly detailed underframe

Zinc alloy chassis

Easy conversion to P4/EM, with 26mm axles used as standard

NEM coupling pockets

Sprung buffers