LBSCR Terrier Boxhill DCC Ready

LBSCR Terrier Boxhill DCC Ready
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No. 82 ‘Boxhill’ was designed by William Stroudley for The London, Brighton & South Coast Railway being built at Brighton in 1880. It carries its original name and number as preserved as part of the National Collection and currently on display at the Railway Museum, York.

Finished in LB&SCR Stroudley's Improved Engine Green livery which it currently carries. The model is OO Scale and is DCC READY (requires NEXT-18 Decoder) and was produced by Dapol as an Exclusive Edition model as part of ‘The National Collection in Miniature’ series.

Features include:
Diecast chassis and running plate
Detailed plastic moulded body
Flickering firebox
Many separately fitted parts
Diecast wheels with sprung centre driving wheels to give compensation providing all wheel electrical pick up and better traction
Speaker pre-fitted
DCC and sound Ready with easy access through a removable body which exposes a NEXT-18 socket
DCC Sound Fitted variants use Dapol’s own sound recording of No. 32678 on the Kent and East Sussex Railway*
Powerful 5 pole skew wound motor
*Factory sound fitted locomotives feature RealDrive braking control