Exclusive Models Update Page

12/5/17 Update on Progress with Dean Goods Model

The design changes we have requested are underway and we have now seen the first pictures of the newly tooled cab with the correct profile, and new improved detail. Further work is still ongoing and we will update on production when we have more information and approved a final sample. For those customers who have already paid, we apologise for the delay, but the changes we are making will be significant and worth waiting for. We are pressing Oxford Rail for the earliest possible delivery date but we do not want to compromise the quality of the final model in the process.

8/5/17 Update on Progress with Stirling Single Model

We can't be a lot more accurate at this stage on the release date, however we are still doing final tooling alterations and fine detail improvements with an approximate delivery to the UK in October 2017 (fingers crossed). However, some models have been delayed in the past, so hang in there! We are looking forward to this model just as much as you are.